Obama & football

So, what would Obama say to kids who want to be firefighters or policemen? Too dangerous for Obama?

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Russian adoption hypocracy

When white people want to adopt kids from Haiti, people are against it because it’s taking kids away from their culture. No such problem exists when white people adopt asian or white babies. It’s not like Haitian culture is so great. I’m sure most Haitians would love a get-out-of-our-crappy-country-free card and have a chance at a better life. Only rich white people care about “culture.” Other people care about “eating.”

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Lazy Dog

The quick brown fox jumped over a lazy dog because the dog was totally lazy. I mean dude, the dog was so fucking lazy that it would shit itself every day. Who wants a fucking dog that you have to wash every day because it was covered in shit? That’s pretty fucking nasty. Your girlfriend comes over and is like “your place smells like shit – is that your fucking dog again?” Friends are like “dude, your dog is really fucked up.” Even my mom said “Son, you know I love you, but that fucking dog is too much.”

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